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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

When my dad's dementia advanced to the point where he could no longer live independently, I was appointed by the court as his guardian and conservator. I was plunged into a whole new world of elder care, fiduciary training, family dynamics and a whirlwind of emotions. 

I had to make good decisions for my father while making sense of a lifetime worth of belongings and helping him downsize significantly. 

I painstakingly orchestrated every detail of Dad's move to shield him from stress and to make sure that his new place was familiar and welcoming for him.  On move-in day, I held my breath as he walked into his new apartment, took an approving look around at his surroundings and sat down on his favorite couch. He stroked his cat as he let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked me repeatedly for taking care of his old place and getting his new home ready for him. He was glad to be home.

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